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About ShipHero

ShipHero is a holistic warehouse and inventory management software platform powering ecommerce business of all sizes.

Utilizing iPads or iPods together with inexpensive barcode scanners, ShipHero provides stores of all sizes the ability to pick, pack and ship multiple orders at the same time using batch picking while achieving extremely high levels of accuracy. ShipHero integrates with the most popular ecom platforms. ShipHero is 100% digital, completely eliminating the need for any paper pick tickets and is able to track all orders, products, shipments as well as gain a real-time understanding of employees' performance. Visit:

Key Features

  • 100% Digital
  • Uses iOS devices & Inexpensive Barcode Scanners
  • Multi-item batch picking
  • Single Item batch picking
  • Supports FBA and Amazon Seller Fulfilled
  • Automation Rules
  • Cycle Counting
  • Automated Kitting and Bundling
  • Team Reporting and Tracking