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About connectship | iship

ConnectShip, Inc. and iShip, Inc. provide on-premise and off-premise multi-carrier shipping solutions under one brand, Connectship | iShip. The suite of solutions includes a powerful API for integrating shipping into enterprise systems, a client/server application and a cloud-based application to manage shipping and provide disaster recovery and risk mitigation.

Twenty percent of the top 100 Fortune® 500 companies rely on ConnectShip | iShip to provide one source for carrier compliance for small package, LTL and air freight shipments. With more than 35 years of experience, ConnectShip | iShip provides reliable, scalable, multi-carrier, multi-modal, multi-platform shipping technology.

Key Features

  • 35 years of shipping and software experience with multiple patents for client/server and managed shipping solutions.
  • Natively supports more than 20 carriers from more than 50 countries of origin with the option to add any carrier, anywhere in the world.
  • Professional on-site and off-site training on the solutions, demonstrating configuration and customization to assure optimization of the software purchase.
  • Wholly-owned subsidiaries of UPS®, which means complete financial security, integrity, transparency and logistics excellence